Class Supplies 2015-2016


Notebook Paper



1 Pair Earbuds to be left in the classroom for the year

**We will be using a few apps this year, so you will need to be prepared to load those on your phone or tablet that you will be using in class.  I will discuss which apps to load on the first two days of class.

Parent Notice Week of Nov 9th


Your student received new vocabulary today.  We will be working with this vocabulary for this week and into next week.  Also, we will be working with the verb form Present Progressive, which means you students is learning how to describe “what a person is doing right now.”

This Friday, your student will have a quiz over 10 of the vocab words.  The quiz will also require students to use the new verb form.  Today, we made flashcards for each of the words.  Your student will need to bring these flashcards to class every day because he/she will not be accessing them on phones in class.  If your students prefers to study on his/her phone at home, that is fine, but we will be using the flashcards and not phones in class this week.  The words have been assigned on Quizlet, so students do have access to the list online.

I would suggest you student begin to study the vocabulary tonight, and also look over the present progressive notes we took in class today.  A good form of study is to take the notes pages, and rewrite it in way that makes the most sense to the student.  He/She can draw boxes around the most important information, or put stars next to points to study, etc.  The students should personalize their notes to be most effective.

Week of Nov 9th thru Nov 13th 2015

Objective:  Students will communicate in the target language about chores they or members of their family do weekly.

Monday:  Introduce Chore Vocabulary, Present Progressive Tense

Tuesday:  Warm-Up Present Progressive with Chore Vocab; Vote with your feet activity; Photo Prompt activity for speaking practice

Wednesday:  Warm-up Present Progressive with Chore Vocab; Photo prompt activity for speaking and writing practice; poll activity

Thursday:  Warm-up Present Progressive Tense; Photo prompt activity for speaking practice; Writing Practice with prompts

Friday:  Quiz over Chore Vocab; Write a mini story using Chore Vocab

Materials:  phones, ipads, paper/pen, earbuds

Evaluation:  formative:  warm-up activities, speaking activities; Summative:  Quiz on Friday

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of Oct 26th thru Oct 30th 2015

Objective:  Students will use Halloween vocabulary in Spanish to gain confidence with reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the target language.

Monday:  Introduce Halloween vocabulary; Listen to vocabulary sounds so the words can be used effectively in conversation; Photo prompt to brainstorm sentences using new vocabulary

Tuesday:  Warm-Up–Photo Prompt (students will use vocabulary to write as much as they can about the photo prompt); Answer questions in Spanish about Halloween activities as part of class discussion

Wednesday:  Warm-Up–Photo Prompt (see if students can write more today than they did yesterday) Read the beginning of the story “Las Calabazas de Noche de Brujas”–allow students to finish the story in groups

Thursday: Warm-Up–Photo Prompt (students work in groups to say aloud everything they can about the prompt in Spanish); Read the beginning of “La Casa Embrujada” and allow students to finish the story in groups

Friday:  Video–La Noche de Brujas; Vocab Quiz (answer questions about the video on the quiz)

Materials:  phones, vocab list, pen/pencil, YouTube, Pear Deck

Evaluation: Warm-ups will be formative assessment; Quiz with questions will be summative assessment

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05



Week of Oct 19th thru Oct 23 2015

Objective:  Students will clear up misunderstandings about the verb Pedir, and learn how to be polite when offering an apology.

Monday:  Warm-Up:  Practice with Possessive Adjectives.  Pear Deck presentation to clear up misconceptions about the verb Pedir.  Practice with Pedir for asking for help and to offer an apology.

Tuesday:  Warm-Up: Practice with Possessive Adjectives.  Finish Pear Deck presentation is necessary.  If finished on Tuesday, students will sketch their notes from Monday. (we are trying something new with notes to make them more meaningful to students)

Wednesday:  Warm-Up:  Possessive Adjective practice.  Review the uses of Pedir and practice offering the appropriate apology word for the situation

Thursday:  Test over possessive adjectives and the forms of pedir

Friday:  Go over test; Begin notes on Present Progressive

Evaluation:  Class disuccsion; Pear Deck formative assessments, warm-ups, test

Materials:  phones, notes, pen/pencil, paper

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Practice Sentences for Wed, Oct 7th 2015

Write the English sentences, translate the sentences and bring them to class completed.  I would encourage you to color code them as we have done in class.

1.Jack needs to talk with Jill because he needs her help.

2.It is necessary to study so you can make a good grade.

3.Jack has a problem. He doesn’t have his book.

4.Jack has to drive to the restaurant for his date.

5.Jack and Jill are going to be in class in 20 minutes.


6.¿Qué tiene que hacer Jack en el cuento?

7.¿Cómo están Jack y Jill cuando Jack pide ayuda?

8.¿Necesita pedir ayuda Jack en el cuento?

Test Practice Sentences Tues Oct. 6th

Write the English sentence on paper, then color code it as we have been doing in class.  Label each sentence with TQ=tener que; IF=Immediate Future; N=Necesitar; EN=Es Necesario.  Finally, write your Spanish translation.  You can bring these to me to check.

1.Jack is going to have a blind date on Saturday.

2.It is necessary to eat fruit and vegetables(verduras).

3.Jack and Jill have to take a test on Friday.

4.Jack needs to make a good grade on his test.

5.Jack has a friend named Jill in his math class.



Week of Oct 5th thru Oct 9th 2015

Obj 1:  Students will be able to use vocab from this unit to be able to extend a story and write an original ending.  Students will use communication skills to present their ending to the class.

Obj 2:  Students who need remediation will be able to use the immediate future and tener que forms to be able to tell what the characters in our story are going to do or have to do.

Obj 1 Monday-Friday:  Students will work on their project to create an original ending to the La Cita de Jack story.  Students will plan, write and illustrate the ending.  Then, they will incorporate their ending and illustration into a Google Presentation to present to the class on Monday.

Obj 2 Monday-Friday: Students will participate in direct teaching, group, writing and speaking activities to work with content from the unit that needs reinforcement.  Students will take a test over the reviewed material in class on Friday.

Materials:  Drawing pads, art supplies, La Cita de Jack story, notes, paper/pencil, phones, Google Drive

Evaluation:  Obj 1 students will check in with me throughout the week to make certain they are on track for their presentation.  Presentation will be a test grade.  Obj 2 students will have formative assessments on Tuesday and Thursday, test on Friday.

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05


La Cita de Jack Test Prep


I have included a page for the next test on this blog.  Please go to the La Cita de Jack page in order to see all the materials.  I have posted the following:

  • Vocabulary Flashcards from the story in word form and picture form
  • A slideshow with pictures to practice vocabulary
  • The story in a Google Slide Presentation

The vocabulary from the story is highlighted so that students notice it as they read the story.  As you can see, there are plenty of repetitions in the story.  The story seems long, but really isn’t.  A lot of the vocabulary is repeated throughout, so that students have many opportunities to interact with the vocab.  I have suggested the following study tips for this week to your students:

  • Use quizlet or the slideshow to practice vocab
  • Print the flashcards from quizlet and use those to study hands on
  • Make flashcards on index cards if online study is not effective
  • Read through the story every night
  • Translate the story to a parent
  • Read the story while referring to their vocab list for clarification
  • Try to retell the story
  • Practice the sentences we are going over in class (those will be posted, along with the answers)
  • Practice the questions from the story (those will also be posted along with the answers)
  • Ask for extra help during enrichment or after school

***Note, I will be adding resources to the La Cita de Jack page as the week goes on.


Week of Sept 28th thru Oct 2nd 2015

Objective:  Students will be able to discuss the story “La Cita de Jack.”  Students will be able to talk about things the character has to do, and is going to do.

Monday-Thursday:  Students will be going through the story with a partner and with me to check for understanding.  We will ask and answer questions about the story, and do vocabulary activities related to the story designed to help students retain that vocabulary and be able to use it to communicate about the story in Spanish.

Friday:  Test over vocabulary and the main idea of the story

Materials:  Phones, blog, quizlet, paper/pen/pencil

Evaluation:  Formative assessments throughout the week, and test on Friday

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05