Class Supplies 2015-2016


Notebook Paper



1 Pair Earbuds to be left in the classroom for the year

**We will be using a few apps this year, so you will need to be prepared to load those on your phone or tablet that you will be using in class.  I will discuss which apps to load on the first two days of class.

La Cita de Jack Test Prep


I have included a page for the next test on this blog.  Please go to the La Cita de Jack page in order to see all the materials.  I have posted the following:

  • Vocabulary Flashcards from the story in word form and picture form
  • A slideshow with pictures to practice vocabulary
  • The story in a Google Slide Presentation

The vocabulary from the story is highlighted so that students notice it as they read the story.  As you can see, there are plenty of repetitions in the story.  The story seems long, but really isn’t.  A lot of the vocabulary is repeated throughout, so that students have many opportunities to interact with the vocab.  I have suggested the following study tips for this week to your students:

  • Use quizlet or the slideshow to practice vocab
  • Print the flashcards from quizlet and use those to study hands on
  • Make flashcards on index cards if online study is not effective
  • Read through the story every night
  • Translate the story to a parent
  • Read the story while referring to their vocab list for clarification
  • Try to retell the story
  • Practice the sentences we are going over in class (those will be posted, along with the answers)
  • Practice the questions from the story (those will also be posted along with the answers)
  • Ask for extra help during enrichment or after school

***Note, I will be adding resources to the La Cita de Jack page as the week goes on.


Week of Sept 28th thru Oct 2nd 2015

Objective:  Students will be able to discuss the story “La Cita de Jack.”  Students will be able to talk about things the character has to do, and is going to do.

Monday-Thursday:  Students will be going through the story with a partner and with me to check for understanding.  We will ask and answer questions about the story, and do vocabulary activities related to the story designed to help students retain that vocabulary and be able to use it to communicate about the story in Spanish.

Friday:  Test over vocabulary and the main idea of the story

Materials:  Phones, blog, quizlet, paper/pen/pencil

Evaluation:  Formative assessments throughout the week, and test on Friday

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Prep for Test on Thursday 24th


Students in my Spanish II classes have a test on Thursday over the story “El Día de Sara.  Your student has a paper that has the story on it.  They made drawings in the box underneath each sentence to associate with the story.  Also, students have access to all the vocab from the story on quizlet.  They have a page of sentences from the story, as well as a set of questions from the story.

I have made a page on this blog titled Sara Story Test Prep, click here to access all the vocab, the sentences and questions page with the answers, some online lessons, and videos that help students with the “have to do something” and “going to do something” forms.

In addition, I am available to them during enrichment for extra help or after school.  Students just need to ask, and I will give them some practice work.  Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have.

Study Suggestions for the Test

–Take the story paper and cover up the sentences.  Look at the drawings and try to write out what is going on in each box.  When finished, check to see if you are correct

–Study the vocab either online or make your own flashcards

–Try to do sentences from the sentence paper for practice, then check answers against your sheet with the correct answers

–Do the same as above with the questions

–Work with a partner to practice answering questions or translating sentences, or try to retell the story with a partner

–Watch the videos if you are weak on IR + A + Infinitive or Tener + Que + Infinitive and take notes

–Come into enrichment or schedule a time to stay after school for extra help

Week of Sept 21st thru Sept 25th 2015

Students will work to improve listening, speaking and writing skills in Spanish.  Students will continue to work toward their goals involving telling someone what he/she likes to do, feels like doing.

Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday:  We will be doing activities that review the story.  Each activity is designed to keep students engaged while allowing opportunities to speak and write in Spanish about the story.  This will all be prep for the test on Thursday.

We will also begin each day with a challenge question designed to help students think a little deeper about what they would say in a situation if they were traveling in a Spanish speaking country.  These challenge questions will use the vocabulary from the story.

Thursday:  Written test over vocabulary and the story El Día de Sara

Friday: Go over the test; make test corrections; clear up any grammar points that students need to focus on so we can move on to a new story

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of Sept 14th thru Sept 18th 2015

Objective:  Students will continue to improve their listening, speaking and writing skills in the target language.  Students will be able to express what they like/don’t like to do, feel like/don’t feel like doing and what they have to do.

I am having to revise lesson plans due to testing this week:

Monday: Vocab Quiz 1-2; Correct review sheets from Friday

Tuesday:  Finish “El día de Sara” story;

Wednesday:  Spinner activity and vocab practice activity

Thursday:  Question activity to practice gustar/tener ganas de/tener que/estar de acuerdo; group practice of vocabulary from story

Friday:  Week in review sheet; Vocab 1-3 Quiz from the list: Sara Story 2

Materials:  Pen/Pencil, Paper, Vocab flashcards, Spinner activity, phones, Pear Deck website

Evaluation:  Vocab quiz; Formative assessment:  Class discussion, questioning activities

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Lesson Plans Week of Aug 31st thru Sept 4th 2015

Students will be able to verbalize in the target language either in words and phases or in some complete sentences when asked questions in Spanish.  Students will improve listening skills by participating in class discussion.

Monday–PQA activity; Class Discussion; Review of everything covered at the end of class

Tuesday–Warm-Up activity to review content covered on Monday; Vocab Quiz; More PQA

Wednesday–Warm-Up activity; PQA +  beginning story; Exit Ticket

Thursday–Warm-Up activity; PQA +  beginning story; Exit Ticket

Friday–Week 2 Review Sheet; Check off Can Do Statement on Proficiency Sheet

Materials:  Phone, paper, Quizlet, Polleverywhere, GoFormative, Google Drive

Evaluation:  Formative–class discussion; exit tickets, polls, GoFormative Questions  Summative–Week 2 Review Sheet

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

What Will We Accomplish This Year?

The title question is a very weighty one, especially for me as the instructor who has the great responsibility for the education of the students in my charge this year.  The simple answer:  as much as the students want to accomplish.  The complicated answer:  as much as we can.

This year, we will begin with discovering each student’s proficiency level in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Of course, every student wants to be able to leave Spanish class with speaking skills.  We will work diligently to develop those skills this year.  My hope is that students will leave Spanish 4 with a desire to learn more and practice their skills.  To meet these lofty goals, we will be working with the accepted guidelines from the ACTFL, which is a national organization for teachers and students of foreign language.  Through research based methods, this organization has developed proficiency levels for foreign language learners.  We will focus heavily on moving toward the next higher proficiency level for students and for marking their progress with the Can Do Statements as developed by this governing body.  There is a great deal of material in the document, but you may browse pages 6-39, to find can do statements for each level and communication area.  We are looking to get to the Novice High level by the end of this year.  Also, you can go to my Proficiency Page to look at our chart of goals.