Week of Oct 8th thru Oct 12th 2018

Can Do Statements:  I can describe myself and others in the target language.

Monday:  Post ¿Quién Soy Yo? Poem graphic to blogs.  Begin practicing pronunciation for audio recording of poem.

Tuesday: Record poems using Vocaroo or SpeakPipe

Wednesday: Finish recording and embed audio to blog post

Thursday: Introduction to the novel Tumba

Friday: Begin reading chapter 1 of Tumba

Materials: Chromebooks, Canva, Quizlet, Blogs, Vocaroo, Speakpipe, Phones, Tumba novel, paper/pencil

Evaluation:  Summative: Blog post with poem and audio recording; No formative this week

TEKS: b2.A, C; C.1F; B3

Week of Sept 17th thru Sept 21st 2018


1.I can use the verb Ser in context to describe myself, my friends and my family.

2.I can identify family members in the target language.

3.I can use adjectives to describe personality and appearance.

4.I can understand a story in the target language.

5.I can discuss/write about a story in the target language.

Monday thru Friday:

Students will participate in a variety of activities designed to address the I Can Statement list for this unit.  Students will have Warm-Up activities on Tuesday-Friday.  Students will need to study their vocabulary outside of class to be able to use it effectively.

Materials: Chromebook, Paper, Pencil, Youtube, Google Classroom, Google Slides, Google Docs

Evaluation: Formative–Warm-Up activities, class discussion

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.B.01


Week of Sept 10th thru Sept 14th 2018

Puedos:  I can discuss my likes and likes of others in conversation and in written form.

Monday: Go over Gustar Practice #3; corrections and reteach

Tuesday:  Gustar Practice 4: Rafa Nadal video and questions; compare Rafa’s like to students’ likes

Wednesday: Go over Gustar Practice 4, reteach; Paulina video and questions; compare Paulina’s likes to those of Rafa Nadal and other students

Thursday:  Test 1-1

Friday:  María y Enrique assignment to be turned in

Materials: Computer, Pencil, Paper, Google Classroom, Youtube

Evaluation:  Formative: Gustar practice 3     Summative: Test 1-1

TEKS: TEKS:  02.A.01, 02.B.01-02; 02.C.01, 02

Week of Aug 27th thru Aug 31st 2018

Objectives:  In Spanish class, objectives are phrased as I Can Statements.  These statements not only explain what we are trying to accomplish in class, but they also serve as a checklist for students to continually self-assess as we cover content.  Students have a copy of the Puedos for each unit in their binders.

Activities for this week:

Class discussion on Puedos, Warm-ups 1-1 thru 1-5, Go over class story: Los Amigos Diferentes; Student illustrations as we discuss the story; Embedded reading of the story; Class discussion on likes/dislikes; Talk about schedules of the characters in the story; Discuss personal daily schedule


Google Classroom, Quizlet, Google Forms, Drawing Supplies, Daily Schedule Sheets, Notes


Formative:  Daily warm-ups and class discussion

Summative:  Quiz on Tuesday over vocab

TEKS:  02.A.01, 02.B.01-02