Class Supplies 2015-2016


Notebook Paper



1 Pair Earbuds to be left in the classroom for the year

**We will be using a few apps this year, so you will need to be prepared to load those on your phone or tablet that you will be using in class.  I will discuss which apps to load on the first two days of class.

Week of April 18th thru April 22nd 2016

Objective:  Students will communicate in the target language about the earthquake in Ecuador.  Students will discuss a place they wanted to go and what they wanted to see in preparation to read a novel.  Students will discuss activities they would want to do while at a Mexican resort.  All activities are in preparation to read the novel Brandon Brown Versus Yucatán.

Monday:  Read a story about the earthquake in Ecuador; Answer questions on the story

Tuesday: Discuss the story and answers to the questions; make a drawing to be used in Wednesday class discussion

Wednesday:  Pre-Reading Activity 1: Discuss student drawings of a place he/she wanted to visit in the past and what he/she wanted to see while there; Students will gain the structures Quería ir & Quería ver

Thursday:  Pre-Reading Activity 2: Discuss what activities a student would want to do first when at a resort in Mexico; Compare student list to what the main character, Brandon Brown, would want to do as a 12 year old boy; Make predictions about what will happen in chapter 1

Friday:  Begin reading chapter 1 or Brandon Brown Versus Yucatán and discuss

Materials: Pen/Paper/Book/Drawings/Drawing Materials

Evaluation:  Class discussion/Check for understanding as students answer questions during class discussion

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of April 11th thru April 15th 2016

Objective:  Students will acquire map skills in the target language and demonstrate the ability to ask for/give directions in Spanish.

Monday:  Review learning goals set by each student; follow through with personal learning plan to be ready for the quiz on Tuesday and verbal test on Thursday.

Tuesday: Map vocab quiz 2; Video on asking for/giving directions; practice giving directions to a partner on at least one map

Wednesday: Clear up pronunciation errors; Remind students of transitional words; practice saying directions on a least two maps

Thursday:  Map Verbal Test

Friday: Complete map analysis using prepositional phrases and answer questions about a location on a map of Guadalajara

Materials:  Phones, Paper/Pen/Pencil, Maps, iPads, Vocabulary lists

Evaluation:  Formative:  check for understanding and listen to students give directions on various maps throughout the week  Summative:  Quiz on Tuesday/Verbal Test on Friday

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of March 28th thru April 1st

Objective:  Students will be able to give directions in the target language.

Monday:  Introduce vocab and work on pronunciation; intro map skills

Tuesday:  Warm-up with map vocab; give directions for map A

Wednesday:  Warm-up with map vocab; give directions for map A for review; give directions for map B

Thursday:  No assignment due to State Testing

Friday:  Video on giving directions; complete map that goes with the video

Materials:  Vocab; pen/pencil/paper/maps

Evaluation:  formative assessment each day on vocab and giving directions

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of March 14th thru March 18th 2016

Objective:  Students will communicate in the target language about their daily routines.

Monday: Class review on reflexive verbs, review on antes/después (de); Class reading with question/answer discussion

Tuesday:  Quizlet flashcards; Order of morning activities discussion; Tell first 5 morning activities to a classmate

Wednesday:  Formative assessment on morning routine activities; listening activity to determine the order of a person’s morning activities; review and reteach based on results of formative assessment

Thursday:  Quizlet flashcards; Complete the story of morning routine; Formative assessment; review and reteach based on results

Friday:  Record morning activities through leaving for school and email to instructor

Materials:  Phones/Pen/Paper/iPads/Audioboom recording app

Evaluation:  Formative assessments (NO GRADE); Recording (Graded)

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of Feb 29th thru March 4th 2016

Objective:  Students will communicate in the target language to discuss their daily routine, the routine of their family members and friends.

Monday: Worksheets helping students process through their daily routine in Spanish. (teacher out)

Tuesday:  Notes on using antes de/después de; Verbal activity: Tell a partner the first three things you do in the morning in Spanish

Wednesday:  Review on antes de/después de; Verbal activity–ex 9 page 81 from textbook–Interview a friend to find order he/she does his/her morning activities; Written assignment: Act 8 page 80 process through using reflexive pronouns; Listening assignment:  use phones/iPad to access listening activity on the blog-determine if the statements are logical or not

Thursday:  Act 6 page 79; Verbal activity 11 page 82; Listening: access blog and listen to daily routine to get ready–decide if the statements are logical based on the times given.

Friday:  DuoLingo via phones or iPads

Materials:  Paper/Pen/Pencil/Textbook/Blog/Phones/iPads/Earbuds

Evaluation:  Activities from Wednesday & verbal activities in class

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of Feb 22nd thru Feb 26th 2016

Objective:  Students will discuss daily routine in the target language.

Monday:  Video on reflexive verb usage; class practice sheet on using reflexive pronouns correctly

Tuesday:  Video 2 on daily routine vocabulary; class discussion of what time students wake up versus what time they get up and if they wake up with an alarm or by a parent; Comprehension check

Wednesday:  Short verbal assignment with groups using picture prompts (early release)

Thursday:  Warm-up; Continue verbal assignment; Describe three things partner does in the morning to get ready for school; Comprehension Check

Friday: Interview classmates using reflexive verbs to find out about the daily routine of classmates; Comprehension check

Materials:  Paper/Pencil, Phones or iPads, Youtube, Pinterest, Peardeck

Evaluation:  Speaking and writing comprehension check daily to assist students who may need extra help

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Week of Jan 18th thru Jan 22nd 2016

Objective:  Students will narrate a story in past tense in the target language.

Monday:  School Holiday

Tuesday:  Written Test on Una Navidad Inolvidable Story

Wednesday:  Verbal Test on Story

Thursday:  Go over tests and outline verbs for next assessment

Friday:  Warm-up and introduce character maps for stories

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

Current Class Topic: Learning Past Tense


Please help me these next few weeks as they are very crucial toward your child’s success in this semester.  We are currently learning how to put our verbs in past tense and narrate a story in the past.  Currently your child should be able to:

-Show you his/her notes page with preterite tense verb endings

-Conjugate an AR/ER/IR verb in preterite tense using the correct ending

-Use IR & Hacer in past tense or at least be able to locate them on the verb chart and use them on an assignment

-Describe the three reasons to use preterite tense

-Tell you our story in past tense using the word bank and photo prompts on the UNA NAVIDAD INOLVIDABLE Page on this blog.

You can help your student by:

  1. Asking to see his/her notes page.  Ask your child to explain to you the 3 reasons to use preterite tense and ask them to give you an example of each in English.
  2. Asking your child to conjugate some verbs for you, then check the endings from the verb chart page
  3. Ask your child about his/her study methods–is he/she using flashcards or writing the verb endings out or studying by some other method?
  4. Ask your child to narrate the story to you in Spanish using the word bank and photo prompts.  You will not be able to understand your child, but he/she will gain valuable practice on narrating a story to someone.  Your child will be asked to narrate our story in past tense next Tuesday 19th without any prompts, so the more he/she can practice, the better off the child will be on the test.
  5. Ask to see your child’s homework/classwork this week.  Students will have a practice page each night.  Some will not finish in class and it will be homework if not finished.  Ask your child to explain the work to you.  Explaining the meaning of words or translating sentences for you is an excellent way for them to really acquire the content.  If the student cannot do this, he/she needs to ask for help.
  6. Ask your child to be attentive in class and participate this week.  All students will be given an opportunity to retell our story in Spanish many times.  Each student needs to take advantage of this time to prepare.

As always, if you have any questions about your child’s progress or test prep, please email me or give me a call.  If you call during the day, I will not be able to return that call until after school since my conference period is 1st.


Week of Jan 12th thru Jan 16th 2016

Objective:  Students will be able to communicate in the past tense to narrate a story and answer questions in the target language.

Monday:  Discuss learning goals; Una navidad inolvidable story retell; quiz on preterite tense contexts and endings, homework: Preterite Practice 1

Tuesday:  Go over preterite practice 1 paper, quiz on preterite endings & contexts; add to our story; homework: Preterite Practice 2

Wednesday:  Go over Preterite Practice 2; Story retell; Preterite Practice 3

Thursday:  Turn in Preterite Practice 3; Story retell written and spoken; Test review

Friday:  Test Review

Materials:  Paper/Pen/Pencil/Phone/Notes

Evaluation:  Class discussion, Quizzes, Preterite Practice 3

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

***Students will have a test over preterite tense endings and our story on Tuesday, Jan 19th.

Week of Jan 4th thru Jan 8th 2016

Objective:  Students will be able to use the target structures:  quería hacer, recibí and me dio via written, listening, speaking and reading activities in the target language.

Monday:  Reminder of class procedures; Introduction of target structures via class discussion; Students make illustrations to go with the target structures; Discuss Rules for TPRS class discussions; Establish norms for discussions as a class

Tuesday:  Warm-up of target structures; discuss learning targets; class discussion using illustrations; exit ticket using target structures

Wednesday:  Warm-Up of target structures; discuss learning targets; Write, Pass, Draw activity using target structures and student illustrations; Discuss characters for 1st story of the new semester using target structures

Thursday:  Warm-Up of target structures; discuss learning targets; Listening activity with target structures; Answer comprehension questions; Begin story with target structures and use PQA activity; Exit Ticket

Friday:  Warm-Up of target structures; learning targets; Continue story; Circle for understanding; Free write activity with target structures

Materials:  Pen/Pencil/Paper/Phone/Pear Deck/Art Supplies/Ear Buds

Evaluation:  Formative–class discussion, warm-ups  Summative–free write activity

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05