What Will We Accomplish This Year?

The title question is a very weighty one, especially for me as the instructor who has the great responsibility for the education of the students in my charge this year.  The simple answer:  as much as the students want to accomplish.  The complicated answer:  as much as we can.

This year, we will begin with discovering each student’s proficiency level in the areas of reading, writing, speaking and listening.  Of course, every student wants to be able to leave Spanish class with speaking skills.  We will work diligently to develop those skills this year.  My hope is that students will leave Spanish 4 with a desire to learn more and practice their skills.  To meet these lofty goals, we will be working with the accepted guidelines from the ACTFL, which is a national organization for teachers and students of foreign language.  Through research based methods, this organization has developed proficiency levels for foreign language learners.  We will focus heavily on moving toward the next higher proficiency level for students and for marking their progress with the Can Do Statements as developed by this governing body.  There is a great deal of material in the document, but you may browse pages 6-39, to find can do statements for each level and communication area.  We are looking to get to the Intermediate Mid level by the end of this year.  Also, you can go to my Proficiency Page to look at our chart of goals.

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