Lesson Plans Week of Aug 26th thru Sept 1st 2016

Objective:  Students can comprehend, analyze and discuss a story in the target language.

Monday:  Begin the story “La Chica Quiere Café” using the storyasking method.  Review of interrogative words, estar, and basic vocabulary from Spanish 1; add new vocab while discussing the story

Tuesday:  Add in the middle of the story using the same methods from Monday.  Students will work in groups to illustrate the actions of the story during the discussion

Wednesday: Finish the story and illustrations

Thursday: Read through the completed story as a class; Answer story questions in the target language; Timed writing using picture prompts from the story

Friday:  Embedded reading over the story; Group Activity: Slideshow of picture prompts from the story and groups come up with what they would say about the picture combination in the target language

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

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