Lesson Plans Week of Dec 5th thru Dec 9th 2016

Objective:  Students will be able to communicate in the target language about the events in the book Tumba.

Can Do Statements:  (1)  I can read and understand a story in the target languge. (2) I can communicate in the target language to retell the events of a story. (3) I can use the target language to make comparisons and connections between the story and my life.

Monday:  Project Presentations

Tuesday: Project Presentations continued and read Chapter 4 of Tumba

Wednesday:  Notes on the Mexican Revolution

Thursday:  Analyze chapter 4 on 2 levels: story, and facts about the Mexican Revolution

Friday: Writing prompt to retell the events of chapter 4 adding opinions about how the story relates to the events of the Mexican Revolution

Materials:  Paper/Pencil/Novel/Chromebooks

Evaluation: Short Essay

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05


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