Lesson Plans Week of Nov 7th thru Nov 11th 2016

Objective: Students will be able to discuss the story in the target language, and will be able to compare White Oak High School to the school in the story in the target language.

Can Do Statements:(1) I can read and understand a story in the target language. (2) I can describe the characters in chapter 1. (3) I can compare the characters to my friends. (4) I can compare my school to the school in Mexico in the book.  (5) I can retell the events of chapter 1 in the target language.

Monday: Verb practice; class discussion

Tuesday: Choose class jobs; Begin intro for Tumba; Setting presentation; School comparison activity

Wednesday: Begin chapter 1 of Tumba; Ask and answers questions as part of class discussion

Thursday: Finish reading Chapter 1; compare and contrast type of schools in the book and what we have in the U.S.; PQA

Friday: Complete comprehension questions that compare the text to student’s personal experiences; compare and contrast types of friends, schools and classes with the characters in the book.

Materials: Chromebooks/Paper/Pencil/Novel/Notes

Evaluation:Class discussion and comprehension questions with PQA

TEKS: b01.A.01, 01.A.02, 03; 01.A.04,05

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