Week of Sept 11th thru Sept 15th 2017

Objective:  Students will be able to describe themselves and others.  Student will be able to identify things they do in their free time, as well as what others do in the target language.

Monday:  Work on Description Project

Tuesday:  Create Blog post and embed project

Wednesday:  Submit project, comment on a classmate’s project and post

Thursday:  Duolingo

Friday:  Duolingo

TEKS:  01.A.01, 01.B.04, 01.C.02

Spanish 2 Honors:

Monday: Work on Project

Tuesday: Blog post and submit project

Wednesday: Vocab for describing appearance

Thursday:  Class discussion on describing physical appearance

Friday:  Quiz on describing physical appearance

I Can Statements:

  • I can describe myself and others
  • I can give basic details nationality, character, where someone is from, and age
  • I can tell what I and others like to do

TEKS:  01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.B.01, 01.B.02, 01.C.01-04

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