Week of Oct 30th thru November 3rd 2017

Spanish II Objective:  Students will be able to make comparisons about school activities in the target language.

Monday:  Class discussion on extra-curricular activities offered at our school

Tuesday:  Vocabulary on Quizlet, Notes on the verb Hacer, notes on making comparisons

Wednesday: Make comparisons of classes–warm-up & partner activity

Thursday: Warm-Up; make comparisons of activities

Friday: Begin to elaborate on comparisons and explain why one class or activities is preferred over another

01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.A.03

Spanish II Honors Objective:  Students will be able to communicate in the target language about ideas presented in the novela Tumba.

Can Do Statements: (a) I can read an understand a story in Spanish. (b) I can discuss the facts of a story in Spanish.  (c) I can make comparisons between my culture and the target language culture. (d) I can discuss The Day of the Dead celebration in Mexico.  (e) I can discuss my preferences as related to school type, classes, and activities.

Monday:  Notes on the verb Preferir and the phrase Más Que; Class discussion on expressing preferences and making simple comparisons

Tuesday:  Warm-Up 2-3; Discuss the differences between school system in Mexico and in the U.S.; Make comparisons between private and public schools

Wednesday:  Warm-Up 2-4; Class discussion with formative assessment on more than comparisons

Thursday:  Warm-Up 2-5; Class discussion and partner activity making comparisons between cultural celebrations of Halloween and Day of the Dead

Friday: Quiz on vocab and comparisons of Más Que

Materials:  Quizlet; Google Classroom; Google Slides; Sites on Day of the Dead

Evaluation: Formative Assessment on Wednesday; Quiz on Friday

TEKS: 01.A.03, 01.B.01, 02.A.01; 02.B.o1, 03.A.01, 04.B, 04.C.02


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