Week of Dec 4th-Dec 8th 2017

Spanish 2R Objective:  Students will be able to give and receive directions on a map in the target language.

Monday: Warm-Up 2-9; Go over Warm-Up 2-9; Go over Map D; Partner practice with Map D; Say map D to teacher

Tuesday: Warm-Up 2-10; Go over Warm-Up and turn in for a grade; Prepare for Vocab Test on Wednesday

Wednesday:  Vocab Test on Map Vocabulary; Map E partner practice

Thurday: Prep for Map Test on Friday

Friday: Map Test

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.A.03

Spanish 2H Objective:  Students will be able to discuss the plot, characters, and culture related to the story Tumba in the target language.

Monday: Go over chapter 3 of Tumba and choose a partner to work with for speaking assessment; begin working on topics to discuss from chapter 3

Tuesday: Groups meet with teacher to clarify and get help

Wednesday: Answer questions from chapter 3 that might be follow up questions on the assessment; Groups meet with teacher again

Thursday: speaking assessment

Friday: debrief from assessment

TEKS: 02.b.02, o2.c.01, o2.c.02, 02.c.o3

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