Week of Jan 29th thru Feb 2nd 2018

Spanish 2 R Objective:  Students will be able to communicate in Spanish about their morning routines.  Students will be able to write about and talk about what they do to get ready in the morning.

Monday: Warm-Up 3-5; Discuss warm-up; Fill in the blank activity; writing prompt #1

Tuesday:  Review from Monday’s class; Warm-up 3-6; Discuss warm-up; writing prompt #2

Wednesday: Warm-up 3-7; Discuss warm-up; Textbook activity 6 & 7 page 79

Thursday: Warm-Up 3-8; Discuss warm-up; Textbook activity 8 & 9 page 80

Friday: Warm-Up 3-9; Discuss warm-up; Discuss writing prompts #1 & #2; work with individual students on who to improve their written summary of their morning routine activities

TEKS: 01.B.01, 01.B.02, 01.B.03

Spanish 2H Objective:  Students will be able to communicate in the target language to discuss the plot and character in the novella Tumba.  Students will also be able to cite the historical references within chapters 7 & 8

Monday: Warm-Up on Present progressive; Discuss warm-up; Reading on 1910 Revolution as referenced in the story; Discuss how to identify a past tense verb; identify cause and effect of 1910 Revolution

Tuesday: Warm- on present progressive; Discuss warm-up; Write a summary of chapter 8 from the picture prompts

Wednesday: Read and discuss chapter 9 of Tumba; Answer discussion questions

Thursday: Read and discuss chapter 10 of Tumba; Answer discussion questions

Friday:  Reading activities that go with chapters 9 & 10; Review the entire book to prepare for test next week

TEKS: 02.A.01, 02.B0.01, 02, 03, 02.C.01, 02

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