Week of Feb 5th thru Feb 9th 2018

Spanish IIR Objective:  Students will be able to communicate in the target language about their morning routines using reflexive verbs.

Monday:  Act 11 page 82, Act 17 page 84, Act 19 page 86 from the textbook

Tuesday: Write a summary of morning routine

Wednesday: English II benchmark test, no assignment

Thursday:  Edit summary and conference with each student to be ready for test

TEKS: 01.A.02, 01.A.03

Spanish IIH Objective:  Students will communicate in the target language about the story, plot, characters, author and cultural references in the book Tumba

Monday:  Favorite character activity, writing activity about how main character has changed in the story; cognate list for chapters 9 & 10.

Tuesday: Discuss cognate list, discuss the resolution of the story from chapters 9 & 10; Review for Test

Wednesday: English II benchmark–no assignment

Thursday: Test over Tumba

Friday: Go over test; write reflection

TEKS: 02.B.01, 02.B.02, 02.C.01, 02.C.02,

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