Week of Feb 19th thru Feb 23rd 2018

Span 2R Objective:  Students will be able to:


  • understand a basic story in spanish
  • be able to give personal information about themselves and a best friend in the target language
  • respond to basic questions in the target language

Monday: School Holiday

Tuesday: review the verb necesitar as re-taught from last week

Wednesday:  Begin a continuing story; Read mini-cuento 1, class discussion on nationality, the words apellido and nombre; Students complete activities to go with the story

Thursday:  Follow-up activities to go with Mini-Cuento #1; Writing prompt

Friday:  Test on saying name, where from, nationality, and giving information about your best friend

Material:  Google Classroom, Word Reference, Notes, paper/pencil

Evaluation: Formative–class discussion, writing prompt  Summative: Test on Friday

TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02

Span 2H Objective: Students will be able to understand a basic story in Spanish.  Students will be able to discuss characters, plot, and historical/cultural topics from chapter 1 of Agentes Secretos.

Monday: School Holiday

Tuesday:  Read chapter 1 again; Answer questions from chapter 1

Wednesday: Class discussion on vocab slide of chapter 1 slideshow; class discussion on historical reference/culture slide of chapter 1 slideshow

Thursday:  describe physical appearance of characters in the story; describe best friend using vocab from the story

Friday: Read chapter 2

Materials:  Agentes Secretos book; Google Classroom; paper/pencil/markers/drawing paper

TEKS: 02.A.01, 02.B.03, 02.C.01

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