Week of March 26th thru March 30th 2018

Span 2R Objective:  Students will be able to understand and give basic information about their families and their houses in the target language

Monday: Meet with students to go over their daily work and part 5 of their story; students who have completed part 5 correctly will test on Tuesday; students needing to correct or do part 5 will continue with the story

Tuesday: Students finished with parts 3-5 of the story with daily work check off will take their test; others will continue to work

Wednesday: Last group of students will test over parts 1-5 of the story; test group from Tuesday will begin part 6 of the story

Thursday: Continue part 6 or part 7 of the story


TEKS: 01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.B.o1

Span2H Objective:  Students will be able to identify contexts for using preterite tense; Students will be able to write a brief summary of their story in preterite tense.

Monday:  Continue work on preterite tense; discuss context as a class

Tuesday: Quiz over regular AR, ER, IR verbs & context for preterite tense; Notes on GAR, ZAR, CAR verbs in preterite tense

Wednesday: Go over quiz, practice with preterite for next quiz

Thursday: Practice with preterite for quiz next week, write brief summary of story in preterite tense

TEKS:  02.B.01, 02.B.02, o2.C.01


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