Week of Sept 4th thru 8th 2017

Spanish 2 Objective:  Students will be able to describe themselves and others while identifying what people like to do in the target language.

Monday:  School Holiday

Tuesday:  Workbook pages 3-5 Guided Practice and 3-4 from Writing Workbook

Wednesday: Guided Practice and Correct Workbook page 5

Thursday: Begin Description Project

Friday: Work on Description Project

Spanish 2H Plans:

Can Do Statements:

  • I can describe myself
  • I can associate activities I like to do with a describe of myself
  • I can describe family and friends
  • I can tell what my family and friends like to do in their free time

Monday:  School Holiday

Tuesday:  Textbook page 8, Act 13; Pg 9 Act 14; Act 15 page 10

Wednesday:  Class discussion act 16 page 10; Act 9 page 5

Thursday:  Begin Description Project

Friday:  Work on project

TEKS:  01.B.02, 01.B.01, 01.B.02; 01.C.04



Week of Aug 28th thru Sept 1st 2017

Objective:  Students will use the verb Ser in order to describe themselves and others in the target language.

Can Do Statements:

  • I can describe myself and others
  • I can identify my nationality and that others
  • I can tell what I like to do; what others like to do; I can tell how often I or others do things

Monday:  Notes on Ser; Vocabulary; Adjective/noun agreement; Cover pages 2-3 in Realidades textbook

Tuesday:  Warm-up 1-2; Cover activities 4-6 in Realidades textbook

Wednesday:  Warm-Up 1-3; Notes on Gustar; Complete Ex 7 pg 5 Realidades textbook

Thursday:  Warm-Up 1-4; Practice with Gustar; Activities 8-9 pg 5 Realidades textbook

Friday:  Warm-Up 1-5; Activities 13 & 14 pg 9 Realidades textbook

Materials:  Realidades textbook; Notes; Google Classroom; Google Slides; Paper; Pencil

Evaluation:  Google Slides presentation; informal assessment on Friday

Spanish 2 Honors:  Assignments generally the same; Honors class will present their Google Slideshow to the class; Students will comment on a classmates presentation using common positive phrases in target language.  Students will also do the extended vocab on page 9 of Realidades textbook.

TEKS:  01.A.01, 01.A.02, 01.A.03, o1.A.05, 01.A.06